Which Tour is right for me?


All of our green tours are at most, 3 hours of paddling covering up to 6 miles on the water. They are all either on an inland Harbour or a River, this means that they are protected from the worst that the weather has to throw at us. For these tours you don’t have to have a specific skill set, they are accessible for complete beginners to kayaking although we would always recommend gaining some skills through a course such as a Ready to Hire or a BC Paddle Discover.  


Amber tours are our medium level of tour. On these tours, you are out paddling for the day in beautiful scenery and surrounded by wildlife. With that, there is also with an enjoyable amount of challenge. The longer distance tours require you to have good paddling skills and have a substantial amount of stamina. The longest tour in this group is approximately 13 miles, that’s a half marathon of paddling! For these tours, you need to feel comfortable controlling your kayak whilst being pushed around slightly by the water.  

For these tours we ask for you to have some experience in rescue situations as to help the leader if an accidental dip was to happen. The skill level we look for these trips is somewhere around the BC Paddle Explore. 


Red are our hardest level of tour. For these tours, we are either looking at paddling somewhere more remote, or paddling for a long distance in harder conditions. The longest tour in this group will be around 60 miles, that’s enough to make you hurt in the morning. For these trips, you will need to feel completely at home in your kayak and be able to manoeuvre it in most conditions. Also, you should be comfortable paddling for an extended period of time in up to force 4 winds. These tours are for the bravest amongst us who are looking to really challenge themselves in a kayak.

For these tours we ask that you are experienced in rescue situations and you have the ability to rescue someone if the need arises. The skill level required for these tours is the BC Sea Kayak Award or the BC Touring Award.

Our GREEN Tours

Chichester Harbour Tour

Chichester Harbour Pub Paddle

Seal Watching

Sunset Tour

River Hamble Pub Paddle

Wey Godalming to Guildford

Brownsea Island

BBQ Kayak Tour

Try Standup Paddleboarding

Our AMBER Tours

Hayling Circumnavigation

River Arun Tour

Old Harry Rocks

Durdle Door

Portsmouth Circumnavigation

Night-Time Paddle

Meteor Shower Paddle

Campfire and Marshmallows

Our RED Tours

Godalming to Thames

Portland Circumnavigation

IOW Crossing

IOW Circumnavigation

Thames: Source to Sea